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Hordes.io is a WebGL based 3D browser-mmorpg, currently in closed beta. Sign up to receive an invitation on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Oct 16, 2019


  • Reworked monster powers, streamlined into 4 categories:
  • Solo mob, party mob, miniboss, worldboss
  • All monsters will be categorized this way, and have a special icon depending on type
  • Added bounce animations when jumping and moving
  • Headless: reworked some parts around bonemothers cage, added paths and general cleanup
  • Headless: fixed the overly bright colors
  • Guardstone: texture changes to terrain, cleaning up some areas and improving the flow
  • Simplified grass rendering to alpha-style billboards for better performance and cleaner visuals
  • Slight changes to terrain shaders, giving better distinction between terrain types
  • Added 'Sky' color to world editor, now works separately from ambient light
  • Removed bloom from post-processing
  • Fixed a bug which de-selected your target when rotating the camera

Oct 13, 2019


  • Feature: pressing shift while upgrading stats will add +10 statpoints
  • Removed /statreset due to abuse issues
  • Added new NPC: Sage, offering you to reset stats
  • Gold amounts will now be displayed with proper coin display in the chat
  • Enabled Dutch and Hungarian translations
  • Fixed bug in the world editor related to pointerlocking
  • Fixed bug allowing you to upgrade your mounts for infinite amounts of gold
  • Fixed bug resulting in blacksmith showing incorrect rune costs
  • Fixed a bug resulting in players hovering around when on a mount but outside of view distance

Oct 12, 2019


  • Added mounts: Can be purchased from the trader, with a low chance of resulting in a rare color mount
  • Added new skill: Mount riding license - required to ride mounts, can be purchased from the trader
  • Added chat bubbles, showing chat messages above the heads of players
  • Removed books for skills where higher levels made little sense (Teleport, Summon)
  • Added setting to unlock the camera, allowing you to see the front of your character with LMB
  • Added graphics settings: Disable clouds, Disable Particles, Disable detail props
  • Increased the visual quality and size of drops on the ground
  • Fixed a bug with the view settings slider
  • Fixed a bug with grubs butt' behavior

Oct 9, 2019


  • Worldeditor can now export worlds (feature in anticipation for community maps)
  • New message type 'Notice': many events, such as party joins / kicks, clan invites, or even merchant item sales will now notify you with a message
  • Equipped items can no longer be upgraded and must be moved into the inventory first
  • Fixed party invitations showing up for each party leader
  • Fixed bug where monster ragdolls would show up as black